Dairy Free

You won’t find any milk, butter or cheese in our kits

Egg Free

All our kits are completely egg free

Gluten & Wheat Free

All our kits are safe for coeliacs and those with wheat allergies

Nut Free

All kits are free from peanuts and tree nuts

Soya Free

All our cake kits don’t contain soya as an ingredient

Sulphite Free

Sulphites are not used in our cake kits

All bakeit freefrom allergen free home baking kits are free from every EU listed food allergen. They all allow you to create delicious, allergen free cakes in the comfort of your own kitchen, and without having to go to the shop to buy anything else because all the ingredients you need to make the cake are included in the kit.

  • bakeit freefrom vegan chocolate ganache cupcake kit

    Vegan Chocolate Ganache Cupcake Kit – 12 Cakes

    £25.00 Add to basket

  • bakeit freefrom vegan and gluten free chocolate cake kit

    Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Cake Kit – 12 Servings

    £25.00 Add to basket

  • bakeit freefrom gluten free ginger cake

    Free from and Vegan Ginger Cake Kit – 11 Servings

    £20.00 Add to basket

  • bakeit freefrom gluten free carrot cake

    Vegan and free from carrot Cake Kit – 10 Servings

    £25.00 Add to basket

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