Hello and welcome!

My name is Maggie and I’m so happy that you have found our site.

I thought it would be useful to explain a bit about how I came up with the concept of bakeit freefrom and how I started up my family run business.

My middle son had a milk allergy as a toddler and my husband also had difficulty with digesting milk. This was my first introduction to food allergies, addressed by using soya products. Time passed and I found that a significant number of friends and work colleagues were having problems with wheat and gluten. I started to investigate making cakes, which I have always done for celebration events, without gluten or wheat and was delighted to find the high quality products supplied by Doves Farm, which we use at bakeit freefrom.

I also had work colleagues who were vegan, meaning a particularly key ingredient for cakes, egg, was not able to be used.  I found this the most difficult aspect to address, especially when I was trying to add it to gluten and dairy free baking.

The final push came from a work colleague who described his daughters first birthday party, he had found that he needed to accommodate the needs of three different allergies.  Epiphany!!  I would try to produce cakes that covered all  listed allergies so that he would only need one cake in future.

In addition to that I have loved watching the growth of baking in television programmes, such as the Great British Bake Off, and the pleasure I have seen family and friends getting from baking cakes.  I explored what provision there was to combine totally freefrom with home baking kits and couldn’t find any… the concept of bakeit freefrom was born!

It has taken me nearly two years to develop my range of kits and ensure that the cakes are as good as I think they can be. My aim was for people not to notice the difference from ‘normal’ cakes.  I’m very happy with my range of allergen free cakes and hope that you will be too.

Oh, and that son of mine with the milk allergy, well his name is Ben and he is pretty much as tall, at 6′ 2″ as his two brothers, Sam and Kris, who had no such allergy.  Ben also works in bakeit freefrom.