Frequently Asked Questions

We can confirm that bakeit freefrom kits do not use any of the 14 food allergens that the European Union say must be listed by all food suppliers, more details on this can be found on our Allergen Free page.  In particular we do not use any ingredients with gluten, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or dairy meaning that our kits are suitable for people who have coeliac disease, vegans or vegetarians.  However, if you have a food allergy outside the 14 food allergen listed please do get in touch with us and we can check if our kits are safe for you. NB: We have had a number of our kits tested by a food laboratory which confirmed our statements that our kits are free from.

Please contact us at or call us on 07722 704752 and we will endeavour to arrange delivery.

Please call us on 07722 704752 and we will try to arrange this for you.

This is because we want to ensure that your kit arrives in the best possible condition, as many of the kits include fresh fruit and vegetables we feel that getting them to you quickly is essential.  We have checked out other couriers but none of them are able to offer the speed of the Royal Mail standard First Class service, which usually means next day delivery, without needing the additional charges that makes couriers more expensive than Royal Mail. We only charge you what Royal Mail charge us and you will be able to see by the stamp on your kit when it arrives.

If you call us on 07722 704752 we will try to arrange this and avoid you having to pay a postage charge.