Kit Reviews

“I’ve been lucky enough to try a few of the kits. They have all been delicious but the ginger cake is amazing!! It was so easy to mix together and filled the flat with the heavenly smell of sticky treacle and warming ginger. The cake was incredible. The best ginger cake I’ve ever tasted! It had a slightly chewy outer edge and a soft and tender middle, studded with chunks of crystallised ginger both inside and on top. It was moist and springy and didn’t fall apart on eating. The flavour was divine. Perfectly sweet, sticky and treacly with a strong warming heat from the ginger. The little nuggets of crystallised ginger gave little fiery bursts of spice when hit upon. 😋 I’ve been eating it over the last 3 days and it gets even darker and stickier as it matures. It’s fabulous on its own but I’ve also tried it warm with custard which was almost like a sticky toffee pudding, only jazzed up with spice. I love it and can’t believe it’s allergen free! Truly amazing.
The kits are beautifully presented and the fact they get delivered to your door along with instructions and even a paper tin liner means you are ready to bake whenever the need calls – at 9am in your pyjamas in my case!
Thank you so much for the amazing kit.”Katie
“I planned my ‘bake it free from’ ginger cake to be eaten over Christmas as we had family staying with us who are ginger cake lovers. None of us were disappointed by the delicious cake. The cake kit arrived beautifully presented in a cardboard box surrounded by tissue paper. The instruction/recipe card was clear and easy to follow, eye-catchingly designed and illustrated. All the ingredients were there, with the kit even including a skewer for testing ‘doneness’ and grease-proof paper. My son helped me to bake the cake (aged nearly 5) and we easily followed the instructions and enjoyed making the cake together. A couple of the steps could potentially have been tricky (e.g. heating the ingredients). However, the stages were clearly explained and any potential mishaps were easily prevented. The cake cooked to perfection in the time stated on the recipe card. And easily came out of the tin, cooling beautifully on a rack. Best of all though it tasted delicious and was enjoyed by all members of the family. It kept well in a tin for several days and for me the cake was wonderfully set off by the sharpness of the crystallised ginger on the top of it. All in all, I’d recommend the scrummy ‘bakeit freefrom’ ginger cake.”Julia
“I couldn’t believe it was so easy to make (I am not known for my baking skills!), it looked exactly like the one on the website. The smell of it cooking had my husband drooling and we couldn’t wait for it to cool to eat it. The cake itself had a lovely light texture and tasted delicious. The crystallised ginger topping was just yummy too.”Karen
“I tried the carrot cake kit this weekend ahead of a gluten free friend coming to visit. The cake was very easy to make, well packaged with fabulously clear instructions and it was absolutely delicious too! I absolutely love carrot cake so I was a little unsure how this would turn out but I think in fact I prefer it to my usual recipe.”Elaine
“I tried the carrot cake kit and was really pleasantly surprised. Absolutely everything needed to bake the cake was supplied, packaged beautifully. I am recently diagnosed coeliac and lactose-intolerant and this kit would have been amazing in the first few ‘what can I eat’ weeks. Really easy to follow instructions and the end result was yummy!”Anwyn
“Delicious moist carrot cake, simple step by step instructions… so straight forward to follow! Loved the tasty spice and tangy orange flavour 🙂 Being a parent of a child with a severe peanut and nut allergy it is wonderful to have piece of mind that the kit is free from all EU listed allergens. These kits are ideal for anyone wanting to bake whether a food allergy sufferer or not … give it a go!”Gemma
“Our spicy courgette muffins are lush! Amy had such a fun morning making them! The kit made it so simple and the instructions were perfect for anyone to follow. She was a little unsure at first at the idea of courgette being in a muffin but she is now converted! Even though this is an allergen free product I would have no hesitation giving them to everyone – the flavour has been enhanced by the special secret ingredients you have included to replace all the normal allergens that are typically used in muffins! We would highly recommend!”Lindsey
“What a great kit! Very easy to use (first line of instructions is great – read through the whole recipe first before you start to bake – very good idea!). The finished muffins were very moist and delicious, will be trying these kits again.”Sue
“Very nice! They are moist and soft and have a nice spice to them, would be ideal for Christmas based treats. The pine nuts gave a very slight bite which was quite nice and I couldn’t even tell there was courgette in there. They were also easy to make. I would have them again!”Emma