Dairy free cream, what’s out there?

dairy free creamI’ve noticed that dairy free cream options continue to increase and hope discussing them will be useful. I’ve included a number of links to make explorations easier and hope you find something here of interest.

Before I focus the on dairy free and soya free products that we use in bakeit freefrom I’d like to share a product that I rate, Alpro soya cream.  As I don’t have a problem with soya I often keep a carton of this dairy free cream handy. There is a UHT version that doesn’t require refrigeration, although to be honest I prefer the ‘fresh’ version that does. Either are just perfect for pouring over deserts. These creams are available in most supermarkets, either in the chiller or with the carton UHT milks. Here is a link to the Alpro website giving information. I’ve recently discovered that Alpro also supply coconut cream in a small carton that I have yet to try, although this requires chilling.

I also very much like Oatly products, especially their cream. This dairy free cream is good because it stores at ambient temperatures and also comes in small pack sizes which suits our needs. However, I was disappointed to be advised by a well informed blogger that I couldn’t use oat based products. This was because even if they were gluten free oats are one of the listed food allergens under ‘grains that contain gluten’. Oatly products were therefore off the menu for us but I would recommend that you try them. Especially if you have children, because Facebook posts I follow seem to show that a lot of children seem to like Oatly products. A particular favourite appears to be their chocolate oat drink.

Our dairy free cream choice is… coconut cream!

Ok, back to our needs for a dairy free cream with which to make cake fillings. As I mentioned earlier we could not use soya, nut or oat products so I finally settled on Waitrose organic coconut cream. I use this dairy free cream in our chocolate ganache sandwich and cupcake kits.  It is a quality product of the right quantity to result in a soft and glossy ganache. I believe its gentle coconut flavour compliments the dark chocolate we use and am delighted to find that most people  agree with me.

More information about the organic product that we use is here. But there are non-organic versions in a number of supermarkets which would be cheaper to buy. I have quite a few friends that like to keep coconut cream chilled to use over desserts and this might be something you would like to try.


Easter is nearly on us so wishing you a very happy Easter with those you love. It is likely to bring lots of delicious chocolate but in case you have too much (!) I’ve found a fresh sounding vegan ‘cheesecake’  recipe. The cheesecake is made with coconut cream and tofu, and a large slug of limonchello.  By Aldo Zilli on BBC Good Food recipes it sounds just the thing for a weekend treat.

My next blog will be about dairy-free milks. But if you have something else that you would like me to blog about please do get in touch.

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