Dairy free milk, the end of this journey!

When I started to consider writing blogs about our experiences of using dairy free milk and cream I had no idea it would need so much space to cover it all. It just goes to show how much information is available and just how big an impact dairy has.

I do not have this allergy so cannot speak from personal experience. But, apart from gluten, dairy free milk seems to be the food allergen that I see most questions about.  This is especially from parents who find their children are having problems with cows milk.

Much of what I wrote in an earlier blog about dairy free cream is also relevant to dairy free milk.  Big companies such as Alpro, and Oatly that I discussed in that article also produce dairy free milks.  Alpro’s range includes oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk and soya milk.  You can find more information here.

Dairy free milk choices… where to start!

But this is far from the end of dairy free milk choices available. Soya has been around and easily accessible for a very long time.  It was my ‘go to’ dairy free milk when we thought that my middle son couldn’t tolerate cows milk. Newer options include Good Hemp, hemp based milk, Rice Dream who have a range of rice milk, rice combined with nut and nut milks and Provamel provide a wide range including nut milks and soya.

How you choose which dairy free milk is best for any given use is likely to have your head spinning.  Of course much is likely to be based on the taste and texture being appealing. But different milks do offer varying outcomes when cooking or baking with them. To help you decide I’m sharing an excellent article that discusses this which I came across on www.onegreenplanet.org. I hope that you find it useful.

The impact of veganism

Dairy is also one of the foods that become unavailable to use because of life style choices which seem to be increasing, in particular veganism. The Vegan Society commissioned Ipsos Mori to conduct interviews to find out more in 2016. They concluded that there were ‘542,000 people in Britain who follow a vegan diet… up by over three-and-a half times since 2006.’

This groundswell of interest in plant based diets can only be of benefit to those who have food allergies.  Major supermarkets are becoming ever more aware of the needs of both groups and are starting to produce their own products to fill their needs.  For example Tesco have their own soya milk as part of their soya product range.

Because dairy, soya, peanut and tree nuts are all included in the European Union list of major food allergens we cannot use most dairy free milks available.  However, we have used rice milk and coconut milk when testing recipes and found them to work well.

But they were not needed in the end because our current range is made without using any dairy free milks. Or in fact any of the other listed food allergens. This makes them safe for those of you who might be newly diagnosed and needing to avoid these foods. But they are also perfect if you are vegan or simply want an easy and delicious cake to make.


As usual I’m going to leave you with a recipe that relates to my blog topic.  I’ve been enjoying our recent sunshine so I’m sharing a red fruit ice cream recipe from Alpro which you can find here.

So that finishes our discussions about dairy free.  Next time I will move on to another one of the food allergens that you will not find in our cake kits, egg!

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