Free from and Vegan Ginger Cake Kit – 11 Servings


Would you like a moist ginger cake that is also free from all Top 14 food allergens AND vegan?  Well here it is! Best of all we make it easy and fun for you to bake your ginger loaf cake… and then share it with your loved ones.

We have included ALL the ingredients you will need, carefully measured by us, together with our easy to follow instruction leaflet. We guarantee your success, or will refund you in full – how reassuring is that?

AND we will post your kit, via Royal Mail 1st Class post, to anywhere on the UK Mainland.  Home baking made super easy and safe, what’s stopping you?


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Do you like cake with a spicy kick to enjoy with your tea? Well, here it is! This spicy ginger cake kit is very easy to make. It is free from all of the 14 European Union listed food allergens and is also vegan.

This kit includes every high quality ingredient needed. Everything is carefully pre-measured by us and produces a loaf cake which will serve 11 slices.

Included is a tin liner and a skewer so all you need are a few basic pieces of equipment, such as 2lb loaf tin, bowl, etc.

Fuss free, allergen free but delicious baking is what bakeit freefrom is all about! Including posting it anywhere on the UK Mainland so you can start to bake your cake the moment it arrives!

Our kits make a perfect gift for anyone you know who likes to bake but maybe is short on time, or who is new to food allergies. To make your gift even more special we will hand-write your message onto one of our free gift cards. Kids also love our kits because they are so easy to bake and they can enjoy licking the mixing bowl safely as an additional, old fashioned treat.

Keep the kit in a cool, dark place, it has a shelf life of 3 months… even without nasty preservatives!

Additional information

Weight1 kg

Ingredients & Kit Contents

1 x large bag: plain wheat free and gluten free flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat), ground ginger 3.3%, mixed spice, gluten free xanthan gum, natural bicarbonate of soda.

1 x bag: soft light brown sugar.

1 x bag: Crystallised ginger (5.5%).

1 x bottle: treacle, golden syrup, rapeseed oil, vanilla extract, white wine vinegar.

1 x tub: 100g organic fruit puree (apple 88%, pear 12%, ascorbic acid (trace)).


Baking Sundries

1 x silicone paper to line 2lb loaf tin.

1 x baking parchment for wrapping your cooled cake

1 x skewer.

1 x instructions for making and baking your cake.

Typical Valuesper 100g of cooked cakeper 82g serving
Energy KJ1199983
Energy Kcal284233
Fat (Total)10.6g8.69g
of which saturates1.12g0.92g
of which monounsaturated3.29g2.7g
of which polyunsaturated5.71g4.68g
Carbohydrates (totals)46.9g38.46g
of which sugars21.8g17.88g

5 reviews for Free from and Vegan Ginger Cake Kit – 11 Servings

  1. 5 out of 5

    Another splendid offering from Bake it Free From…

    I am not a huge fan of ginger cake in general, so my review is mainly based on ease of use and the feedback from my guests who ate it rather than on my own anti-ginger tastebuds!

    This was my second offering from the range (the first being the carrot cake) and I was making this cake specifically for a friend who is gluten free, and loves ginger cake.

    The kit comes beautifully and stylishly presented, in strong, good quality boxes and all the ingredients are securely packaged also.

    The ingredients are all pre-weighed and measured so you literally just need to follow the clear and concise instructions, and you can’t go wrong. The cake baked beautifully, and was deliciously moist.

    The ginger flavour is strong, which I personally found a little overwhelming (note what I say above about my ginger issues!), but my guest was delighted with the flavour declaring many shop bought cakes as “wishy washy”. All my other guests also gave a huge thumbs up. For my part, even with my ginger aversion, I still enjoyed the beautifully moist texture, and found myself having a second slice 🙂

    I would 100% recommend this kit to anyone who enjoys good quality, home made cake – especially if they like ginger!

  2. 5 out of 5

    This was the first Bakeit Freefrom cake I tried, and I was completely blown away by how good it tasted!

    I have always had the perception that “freefrom” food was free from taste, but these cakes turned that completely on it’s head. The striking ginger flavour of these cake packs a punch and the cake itself was moist and lovely. I thoroughly recommend.

  3. 5 out of 5

    An absolutely delicious cake, and super easy to make.

    I am not a baker. Neither me nor my husband has a particularly sweet tooth. And this cake kit satisfied all of those needs. The kit arrived super quickly and came with everything I needed (apart from the loaf tin and a couple of things you’d always have, like a knife/mixing bowl), and very clear instructions. The kitchen soon smelled amazing and the cake itself was moist, springy, moreish and spicy. The crystallised ginger on top is somewhat addictive – you’ve been warned!

    Hands down the best gluten-free cake I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tried a few!!!) and right up there with the nicest cakes I’ve ever eaten generally. Thanks to the team at bakeit free from – what a good idea!

    • 0 out of 5

      Thank you so much Chloe for your very generous review. I can’t tell you how happy it makes us when we hear that customers really enjoy their cake baking and eating experiences.

  4. 5 out of 5

    … easy to follow with quality products. The ginger cake especially was amazing….

  5. 5 out of 5

    I don’t have any food intolerances, but I’m so glad I’ve found these fantastic cake kits. The really clever thing about them is that baking them is all part of the treat. It was fun, easy, and the results wowed the family at a birthday party last week. They’re so beautifully presented that they make a great gift for someone who wants to try something a bit different, whether they count themselves a cook or not. Tasty, and ten times more rewarding than picking something up at the supermarket — a real find.

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